Why is physical therapy essential? The simple answer is because it can change lives for the better. For individuals recovering from sports injuries or surgerypeople suffering from chronic pain, the benefits of physical therapy can be quite amazing.

Did you know that more than 3.5 million sports-related injuries happen each year to the 30 million children and teens who are part of organized sports in the united states?

A handful of these injuries require physical therapy so that the child can heal and eventually return to playing the sports that they like.

As roughly 10,000 people turn 65 each day, and a handful of these people need hip and knee replacements.

As a matter of fact, more than 300,000 hip replacements and 600,000 knee replacements are performed each year in the United States. Every one of those patients needs help getting back on their feet after such a major surgery. .

7 Benefits of Physical Therapy to Think About

So then we get the concern of what if you are not an athlete? What if you don’t need to have a joint replaced? What if you aren’t wanting to change careers to actually become a physical therapist?

What can a physical therapist do for you? Here are 7 ways that physical therapy may help you out.

Increased Mobility — Physical therapists are body movement specialist. If you have pain or any condition that restricts the ability to do what you like — a physical therapist can assist you.

They will assess your abilities and your goals and develop a plan to assist you regain mobility. The American Physical Therapy Association says increased mobility as one of the greatest benefits of visiting a physical therapist.

Avoid Opioid Pain Medication — Our Palmdale Physical Therapist say it is becoming very clear that pain medications are highly addictive and a lot of the time overused. If you are attempting to avoid pain medication, or lower your pain medication use, physical therapy can also help out.

Your Palmdale Physical Therapist can figure out what is causing the pain and manipulate the area with massage, ultrasound or electric stimulation. Stretching and resistance training regimens can be customized, so that you can improve your quality of life and reduce or eliminate the need for opioid pain medication.

Avoid Surgery — While surgery may seem like a huge step to treating back pain or other chronic conditions, a trip to a surgeon, the majority of the time will lead to a recommendation for surgery!

Physical therapists are trained to see things from a different perspective. As a result, a visit to a physical therapist first may offer you an easier and less invasive choice for treating your back pain, arthritis or other chronic condition.

Reduce The Chance Of Injuries — Some of the most essential roles of a physical therapist is not just to aid you in healing after an injury, but to help prevent injury or re-injury by teaching you proper stretching and strengthening exercises.

If you are having pain or weakness in a joint or have had a serious accident or injury in the past, you may be able to avoid future problems by visiting a physical therapist today.

Increase Balance and Reduce Fall Risk — After a serious accident or stroke, or period of prolonged bed rest, you may find that your balance is not what it was. Damage from the inner ear may cause vertigo or unsteadiness on your feet.

Our Palmdale Physical Therapist can provide you with the tools to regain balance and help lower your risk of injuring yourself as a result of a fall.

Reduce Pain — Chronic pain can limit your quality of life. If you feel as if you are not able to enjoy certain activities because of the intensity of your pain, a physical therapist will be able to offer proven procedures to decrease pain and allow you to get back into a more active lifestyle. Moist heat or cryotherapy, soft tissue mobilization, and dry needling therapy are techniques that are offered by physical therapists to decrease pain and inflammation and promote healing without the need for medication or surgery.

Restore Confidence — The instruments and methods of physical therapy may sound complicated, but one of the simplest benefits of spending one-time with a physical therapist is that it can allow you to regain confidence. In addition, physical therapy can help you regain confidence in your ability to move without pain, restore confidence on your balance or restore confidence that you will have the stamina to accomplish what you set out to do. Ultimately, our Palmdale Physical Therapist say as your body changes and you see progress, your confidence will be restored in your abilities.

Our Palmdale Physical Therapist say that athletes, doctors and post-surgery patients are most familiar with the benefits of physical therapy. Physical therapy is important because it helps athletes get back on the field.

After a knee or hip replacement, the only way to get going again is with the help of a Palmdale Physical Therapist.

Doctors constantly refer patients to see physical therapists for everything from “frozen shoulder” to plantar fasciitis because doctors clearly understand what physical therapy can do for you.