A majority of Palmdale Physical Therapist will inform you that motion and the ability to be mobile is a drastic benefit to not only our physical health and well-being, but our emotional and mental as well.

It is a sensation many have claimed to experience after taking a daily run, which has actually been scientifically proven by advances in neuroscience to be associated with the release of endorphins in the brain one encounters at the time of running.

In addition, Endorphins often induce mood change and a feeling of euphoria, joy or happiness, so it is no surprise that doing something as easy as taking a daily run makes us feel so much better. Not only does this make us happier people, it is an unbelievable outlet for routine exercise.

What, exactly, does physical therapy do that makes it a medication of motion?

A handful of Palmdale Physical Therapist will let you know that physical therapy is a medication of motion which can be used to aid individuals of all ages in returning to their normal level of functioning and motion.

Here are ten ways physical therapy can benefit your health and help enhance your overall quality of life. We will briefly discuss them below.

Reduce or Eliminate Pain

The hands-on treatment that physical therapy is comprised of aids to not only relieve pain but also bring back muscle and joint function.

This therapy is an exceptional way to assist in lowering back pain and can also prevent pain from it returning. An example of these treatments are ultrasound and electrical stimulation.

Avoid operation. Physical therapy will help you avoid surgery because it helps get rid of pain and assist you in healing from an injury.

Pre-surgical physical therapy is also highly beneficial as it strengthens your entire body in preparation for operation, which can help you recuperate at a faster rate after operation.

Boost Your Mobility

Palmdale Physical Therapist say that through the use of stretching and strengthening exercises, physical therapy can help introduce more motion and freedom back into your life.

It is an effective tool to treat symptoms of Vertigo, dizziness, and imbalance, and is often utilized to aid the ones that have difficulty standing, walking, or moving. Physical therapists can also fit individuals for devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, and canes, and help educate them on how best to utilize them.

Recover from a stroke. It is normal to eliminate some level of function and movement after experiencing a stroke. Physical therapy can be utilized to aid in bettering weakened parts of the body and also improve as explained above.

Recover from or prevent a sports injury. Physical therapists, as motion experts, are well aware of the risk that include playing a game and the usual injuries that can come as a result of these sports.

This generally means that they are more than willing to give you a personalized plan of care and exercises that is appropriate for healing after a sports injury or preventing that injury before it happens.

It is no wonder so many individuals utilize it to help improve not just their freedom and independence, but their complete physical, mental, and emotional quality of life.

Ultimately, physical therapy is a tool of motion that aims towards getting you back to your normal self, doing the things you used to be able to do without hesitation or uncertainty. It is a personalized plan of care with a treatment of exercises meant to increase your quality of life.