Seniors, as well as people with chronic conditions, often have a problem with limited range of movement. Most Palmdale Physical Therapist will tell you that physical therapy can greatly improve mobility and motion.  

In addition, physical therapy can also aid in recovering from, or deal with, a life changing condition such as a stroke or diabetes.

A Palmdale Physical Therapist is a trusted health care professional who can help you address health challenges, maintain or achieve your desired level of fitness, and recover from injury.

A majority of the time, a Palmdale Physical Therapist can help you do all of these things without the use of medication.

Why a Physical Therapist?

Palmdale Physical Therapist say that keeping desired level of fitness gets even more challenging as we age. Our flexibility, strength and balance all decrease with age.

One of the most important things a Palmdale Physical Therapist can do for older adults is help them improve their balance and prevent falls.

According to the National Aging Council, falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among seniors. 

While steps can be taken to “fall proof” a home, working with a Palmdale Physical Therapist will strengthen your balance to aid in preventing falls in the first place.  

After an initial diagnostic session, your Palmdale Physical Therapist will recommend movement activities that emphasize strength, flexibility, and proper gait. Some of the exercises may include a walking regimen, Tai Chi, aquatics classes or a special strengthen training regimen customized for you.