A majority of Palmdale Occupational Therapist will tell you occupational therapy was once known as the therapy that individuals who had been injured got in order to regain the ability to work. In the last couple of year, occupation therapy has proven to be one of the most essential treatment solutions for those who wish to regain the ability to do day to day tasks such as reading and recalling information.

In addition, most Palmdale Occupational Therapists work with a handful of patients to provide the skills and information they need to properly meet their goals.

To help you out, here are five of the most common benefits of occupational therapy.

Prevent Return Hospital Stays

Patients who have had an extended hospital stay due to an advanced infection or serious injury may have trouble readjusting to everyday activities.

Extended bed rest can result in having difficulty with balance and posture due to muscle wasting (muscular atrophy), which could result in repeated injuries.

Our Palmdale Occupational Therapist say the most common injuries are caused by falling: sprains, fractures and head injuries.

An occupational therapist will work in detail with these patients to help rebuild their muscle strength, coordination and balance with exercise and adjustment/adaptive options.

Improve Sleep/Wake Schedule

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) is a condition that affects more than one million Americans.

Our Palmdale Occupational Therapist say it is often a side effect of more serious illnesses like multiple sclerosis, lupus, and cancer, although the condition may also occur as an effect of long-term bed rest or prescription medication.

Since there isn’t a cure or treatment for CFS, doctors generally suggest a variety of options used to manage the condition, such as exercising, treating the underlying cause and using CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) along with occupational therapy.

This type of therapy session will provide the patient with task-completion skills and goal-planning skills.

Our Palmdale Occupational Therapist say both are designed to help patients learn how to complete tasks based on their limitations/abilities. Furthermore, with Occupational Therapy, a CFS sufferer may successfully return to work or school, or maintain a current occupation with less stress.

Occupational therapy is not just used to treat or manage conditions, it is also used to prevent complications if taken care of soon enough.